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Guanacaste Profile


  • Guanacaste is one of Costa Rica’s 7 Provinces, located in the north west of the country. Bordering with Nicaragua, Guanacaste goes all the way along the Pacific Coast into Nicoya Peninsula.

  • There are ca. 350’000 – 400’000 people living in Guanacaste.

  • The region historically was part of Nicaragua but then decided in the 19th century that they want to become part of Costa Rica.

  • Having been a place of cattle breeding it has become the major luxury tourism region of the country.

  • Guanacaste’s beautiful beaches and bays attract every year more tourists from all over the world.

  • It is considered to be the most interesting region for foreign investment.

  • The scenic coastline has a huge potential to turn into one of the most desired second home areas of Latin America. There are already many retired expats who have bought a home in Guanacaste and have chosen the region as their place to escape from cold winters.

  • The climate is warm and dry which is in particular favorable also for patients with respiration problems, rheumatism and other health disease.


    Guanacaste Particularities


  • The Sabanero `cowboy` culture: many festivals and horse parades are celebrated in the region – a highlight to visit for any tourist.

  • The impressive Guanacaste Tree with its huge branches spends plenty of shade – it is the national tree of Costa Rica.

  • Pacific Coast beaches with warm sea water – great for swimming.

  • Peninsula Papagayo the most exclusive resort and residential area of the country embedded in a unique panorama.

  • All year round warm weather – a green and dry season.


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