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Canas Dulces Profile


  • Cañas Dulces is one of the five districts of Liberia Canton

  • It is a rural district with its main village and administrative center Cañas Dulces which can be reached within 15-20 min. from Liberia center

  • There is a population of ca. 3’500 people

  • The climate in Cañas Dulces is warm and dry

  • The area is known for agriculture and in particular for cultivation of cane sugar

  • The district counts with a rich vegetation, green fields, tropical woods, hills, volcano views etc.

  • There are several hotels with hot springs offering adventure packages including zip lines, horse back riding, water toboggan etc.


Canas Dulces Real Estate


  • This is the place to be if you don’t want to live in the city but be close to it

  • Homes in Cañas Dulces usually offer large gardens, and beautiful valley or volcano views

  • It is also an ideal place to buy a finca or a place to retreat during the weekends

  • Some residential gated projects with single family homes are on its way



Canas Dulces Particularities


  • Try the extreme adventure package and visit the water fall at Buena vista Lodge.

  • Enjoy an adventure day or relax day including an organic cuisine meal, all dishes served are composed from ingredients grown in the area

  • Have lunch at Hotel Borinquen or spend the entire weekend in this beautiful resort offering horse riding, zip lines and many other other activities


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Cañas Dulces Farmland



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