Fully equipped dental clinic for sale in Liberia

Property ID: Liberia - L-130  
Construction Area: ~570 sqm  
Land Plot: 347 sqm  
No. of Bathrooms: 5 Back to inventory

large storage room, 1 two-bedroom appartment

Covered parking: for 4 cars  
Price: USD 1'200'000  







This state-of-the-art dental clinic for sale is located in the heart of Liberia, Costa Rica. It comes fully equipped with modern technology.


This is a dream facility for any dental doctor. It consists of the reception, 3 waiting areas, one of those counts with sofa, fridge, tv etc. and is aimed at relatives of patients who go under surgery. There are 2 bathrooms available for the patients. There are 4 fully equipped units to attend patients, one of those is dedicated mainly for dental surgery. Moreover, the clinic counts with an sterilization room, 2 laboratories one for dental techniques, a ceramic room, the area of computer tomography, an employees’ area with recreation room, lockers area and staff bathroom. Furthermore, there is a technical Storage area with power plant, water storage completely equipped to operate the clinic without limitation if the city turns off water and power.


On the upper floor there is currently 1 large storage room and 1 two bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms and balcony.


The second floor could also be turned into clinic expansion. The finishings of the clinic are of high quality. The clinic already counts with a large patients portfolio that one can build out further.


Liberia is one of the fastest growing cities in Costa Rica and with larger projects coming in a steadily increasing market for medical services. The building can be used also as mixed clinic offering various medical services not only dental.







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