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Miguel Castillo


Ever since I have been interested in investment. This is why I started my career in the finance industry, first working for CitiBank and then as adivisor for investors of stocks and commodities.


Only years later, I discovered my passion for real estate and I became a certified real estate agent by CCCBR. Bettina and me have partnered for a real estate business in Liberia, Guanacaste because we strongly believe that this is the most emerging market in Costa Rica. Combining international real estate knowhow with local understanding makes us a strong team.


Liberia is my favorite place because it is a small town with everything one needs (shops, clinics, good schools and universities), it is close to the beaches and has an international airport with direct access to the rest of the world.


I don't only adivse on home and property sales, commercial rentals in the canton Liberia and the close by beaches but I also can support clients on property financing topics thanks to my experience in the financial markets.











Miguel Castillo - Real Estate Agent

Certified Real Estate Agent by CCCBR




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